80,000$ per song

That is what Jammie Thomas-Rasset should pay to four major labels for copyright infringement of 24 songs. The total fine is $1,900,000!!!

Jammie Thomas was spotted by Media Sentry in February 2005 for sharing 24 songs through Kazaa. She always claimed to be innocent and refused settlement. This was an appeal. The initial decision was around $9,000 per infringing songs.

Unfortunately, for this trial, her defense collapsed. Her defense was that it was not true because the experts could not spot anything on her hard disk. She always claimed that the songs must have been on the hard drive that she had exchanged at Best Buy. Unfortunately, the exchange occurred after the infringement occurrence. Furthermore, she claimed to not even know what Kazaa was. Unfortunately, while student, she wrote an essay about Kazaa. So long…

The severity of the sentence may be explained by a popular jury who did not liked that she lied to them. The severity may also incite people to go for fast settlements rather than prosecution in accordance with current RIAA’s

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