A database of 44 millions game accounts!

Symantec has located a database server holding 44 million accounts of online gamers. The information in itself is already interesting. But more interestingly is the companion of the server. The database holds credentials, most probably collected by some malwares. But are these credentials still active? For that purpose, the hackers have created a dedicated Trojan that once installed receives a set of accounts to test. If it succeeds to log on one account, it correspondingly updates the database. Using a Trojan on a botnet has the following advantages:

  • go faster by using many concurrent computers
  • Bypass eventual limitations of failed login using the same IP address

You may say: “Game accounts! Who cares? It is not as if it was something serious such as bank account”. In that case, you’re clearly not a gamer. More seriously, I would suggest that you take a look at the site player auctions. Wov! You’re not dreaming. This is about real money. And not a few cents!

Once more, we see that hackers are more and more money driven, less visible and not looking for fame.

Thanks MM for the pointer.

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