A very pragmatic guide to protection of prerelase content

German GVU, Austrian VAP and Swiss SAFE recently edited a 16 page booklet with very pragmatic guidelines to protect prerelease content from piracy. Its title is: “Filmschutz vor und bei Kinostart”. You understood that it is in German (It seems I am in my German mood :Wink:, sorry for non-German speaking readers). It analyses the complete chain from production, delivery and actual performance and gives some advises. Some are extremely low tech but efficient, for instance:

  • Request to get back any screener you delivered
  • If using post mail, do only send screener from Monday to Thursday. Avoid the other days. The risk the parcel will be blocked during week-end is too high…

The appendix provides a list of companies offering solutions, ranging from anti camcording to guard companies. Of course, THOMSON STS is in the list!

The document can be found at Filmschutz vor und bei Kinostart  (in German)

French CNC edited last year a document which provides also a set of guidelines. Its scope is larger. It is available in French and English. It si available at Fighting audiovisual piracy: a good practice guide for the industry

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