Articulating The Business Value Of Information

I read a recent report from Forester research: “Articulating The Business Value Of Information” by Khalid Kark

According to this report, security adds value in five sectors:

  • Reputation: Security protects your brand equity
  • Regulation: Security reduces the cost of meeting IT regulatory mandates
  • Revenue: Security protects existing revenue streams nnd helps generate new ones
  • Resilience: Security ensures your business functions even during adverse conditions
  • Recession: Security affects the top line and the bottom line of the business

Khalid proposes ten tricks to change the security’s image. Following are my favorites:

  • • Redirect the conversation away from threats and toward risks
  • • Make security processes transparent
  • • Focus more on value articulation and less on return on investment (ROI)

The report has nothing revolutionary. It is well known for practitioners, but it has the advantage to list and present them. Hoping that you may find some more arguments next time you have to negotiate a security related budget.

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