Blippy is changing

Last year, I spotted a site Blippy that was frightening me (Blippy: Do people care about privacy?). Its purpose was help you to share with others what you purchased with your credit cards. I could not believe that such site existed. What is even worse is that some people used it! They announced 100K subscriber with 30% sharing purchase. They raised up to 13 millions.

Recently, Techcrunch announced that Blippy changed its product offer. Blippy does not anymore report your purchases but allows you to post recommendations. That is far safer from the privacy point of view, but is is special?

I was hoping that this change was because people were concerned about privacy. It seems more that Blippy did not attract enough activities. Perhaps because people were not ready tho share this type of information?.

PS: In April 2010, Blippy leaked out some credit card numbers of subscribers.

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