Bourse aux Technologies 2009

IE club (a network of entrepreneurs), Seventure Partners (VC) and Institut Telecom (group of schools) organize each year a technology fair. This year’s theme was security.

I was invited to make the opening presentation for the panel. My presentation was ”Sécurité et Success Stories : quelques leçons” (Sorry, it is in French).

Of course, the key event is the demonstration of a set of technologies. The goal is for entrepreneurs to possibly find a technology to promote/use in their products.

Many demonstrators were promising. My selection:

  • Analysis of vulnerabilities in software; all demonstrated technologies were limited to static analysis
  • Analysis of information flow for embedded devices
  • Secure storage of files using P2P based on control access
  • Hardware based real random generator
  • Smart card emulation for simulation of fault injection

The two last ones were extremely technical but have probably a very narrow possible market (secure IC manufacturers that were not present)

Both the panel and the demonstrations demonstrated that France is still one of the homes of serious security.

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