But(t) Authentication

No, I’m not turning my blog into a porn site. I just refer to a recent paper from FERRO M., PIOGGIA G., TOGNETTI A., CARBONARO N., and DE ROSSI D. These extremely serious Italian researchers have published “A Sensing Seat for Human Authentication“.

We know many biometrics authentications using voice, finger, palm, or iris. We had recognition through the way you walk, or the way you type. This one is recognition through the way you seat.

The seat is equipped with a set of strain sensors. These sensors show piezoresistive properties that can be turned into a digital fingerprint of the seating person. the paper describes the system, explains the measuring methods. They tested their system on 20 people over a period of 20 days in a truck simulator. The True Acceptance Rate is about 90-95%. The False Acceptance Rate was about 5%.

The researchers acknowledge that there are may parameters in the real world that may impact these rates such as movements and vibrations and changes of the human profile. A wallet in the pocket may derail the system. Too many hamburgers during a long period most probably also  :Wink:

The target is automotive industry. They foresee to couple it with face and voice recognition.

Thanks to BC for the pointer.

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