Comcast, FCC and throttling (2)

In July, FCC ordered Comcast to stop throttling P2P connections ( See Comcast throttling BitTorrent: trouble). On Thursday, Comcast challenged the decision at in the U.S. District Court of Appeals in Washington. Nevertheless, Comcast will comply with the FCC order. Comcast has to stop discrimination before end of the year.

Meanwhile, two consumer interest groups and a company seek an order of court to have Comcast stopping immediately the throttling. The company is Vuze Inc. that distributes a software Vuze formerly known as Azureus. Azureus is one of the P2P software built on top of BitTorrent. Azureus has a serious “market share”.

Comcast has prepared its next move. On 1st October, Comcast will install a monthly maximum download capacity of 250GB for residential customers. This remains a rather high capacity. It represents 300 SD DiVXed movies and around 100 HD movies. Not too bad.

We could have expected Comcast to announce throttling policy in the usage conditions. This limitation is another answer. What will other ISPs do?

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