Compliance rules?

HDCP strippers are devices that input an HDCP/HDMI signal and output a non-HDCP signal. Many such devices are available on the marker. I just went across a product called HDfury. It looks like a dongle with on one side a HDMI connector and on the other side a VGA-like connector. Gold plated connectors for the quality!

What I find interesting was the section dedicated on HDCP compliance in the product definition.

HDCP rules compliant: no end-user easy access to decrypted analog video.
Once screwed, this module becomes “a part of the display itself”.
The HDfury module is DIRECTLY screwed to the back of the RGB display (where SUB-D15 VGA port stand).

What about screwing it on a video acquisition card? I am not sure that the lawyers who drafted HDCP compliance and robustness rules did expect this understanding of their rules. The no easy access to analog video was for internal video. If I remember well the compliance rules, the analog output should be both resolution downsized (not 1080p) and also copy protected.

Nevertheless, they at least addressed the problem. To make the consumers feel happy? or to calm lawyers? :Wink:

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