Armageddon did not happen. For a few weeks, the virus specialist were ranting about the famous Conficker worm. This worm was so nicely written and protected (it should even use the latest encryption algorithms) that nobody was able to describe its payload.

Nevertheless, it was announced that the worm may trigger some lethal attacks on Fools April day. Every anti virus software vendors (at least some subscription based ones) were releasing dedicated tools to scan your network. Microsoft offered $250.000 for the arrest of the author(s). Armageddon was near.

On Saturday, we knew who the fools were. Not a smell of Y2K? If the purpose of Conficker’s author(s) was to scare people, then the success is great. Remember that often the purpose of terrorism actions is to create a feeling of insecurity, to scare people, to make their life less comfortable. Bingo!

The anti virus industry should be careful: too many false alarms like this one, and consumers will not care any more and will not use the latest updates. And then when the real threat will occur, bad bad bad 🙁 Of course, if they have really believed in the risk,then they should have reacted. But the only appropriate solution would be to come with a real detection tool integrated in their software suite, ie, transparent to the user. Why should Jo Six Pack care about the behavior of the virus, he only cares that it is removed.

Some people are already questioning who benefits from a climate of fear of worms and virus? Guess who…

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