Confidential data and P2P

Last year, Pfizer had a serious security breach. Personal records of 17,000 employees and previous employees were available on a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. The wife of a Pfizer employee installed a file sharing software on her husband’s company laptop. The configuration was badly set and confidential information leaked. This type of leakage is rather common. In Security Newsletter n°4, I reported a virus using P2P software to distribute random file of a hard disk. Japanese defense plans leaked!

The first-thought recommendations would be to ban P2P software from company’s computers. This recommendation has limits:

  • P2P software may be useful in some context (and probably will become more prevalent in the future)
  • There is no serious way to avoid user to install such software and use it outside the fire walled environment of the company. In fact, it is possible to block installation of software by users, but it becomes quickly a problem for the IT department (cost of installing new software, upgrades, patches, …). It is often not practical excepted in highly secure environment. In any case, in most case, IT aware users will bypass the control.

Thus, the best recommendation I would give is to encrypt all confidential files on the laptop. This answers this threat, because what is shared is encrypted data, i.e. useless, and answers many other threats such as theft of laptops. Obviously the choice of the encryption tool is important (We will report on the latest hack on encryption tools in next security newsletter to be published in a fortnight)

It is also important to remember that you are also at risk at home with your private data. If ever you, or your relatives, use P2P software on your personal computer, check carefully its configuration to strictly sandbox the sharing space. Hoping that there is no backdoor that allows changing it  :Wink:

In the referenced article, I found also interesting the data mining performed on queries on P2P network. Privacy is even leaking on P2P network usage :Amazed:

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