Cutlery and counterfeiting

The French town Laguiole is known for its famous knives. Unfortunately, the name “Laguiole” is not protected by a trademark. Thus, many low cost cutlers sell low cost and low quality knives with the name “Laguiole” embossed in the blade. Furthermore, genuine Laguiole knives have a metallic bee on the handle. In the mind of many people, the bee is the “signature” of the authentic knive. Of course, the “Laguile” knives that are not manufactured at Laguiole have also a bee. And it is totally legal.

Of course, Laguiole manufacturers wanted to stop this bleeding. they have registered the trademark “LAGUIOLE ORIGINE GARANTIE” (Laguiole guaranteed origin). The knives manufactured at Laguiole will display on their blade “LAGUIOLE ORIGINE GARANTIE” with a dedicated.
Will it change something? I am not sure. Many people will still trust the bee. Furthermore, I am not always sure that people are so naive to believe that they are able to purchase an authentic quality knive at 10% of its original price. As long as it will not be broad general knowledge that the authentic knives have to display the mark and the punch, it will change nothing, except for the initiates.

It is the same with the holograms on software package. How many people do test its presence? its actual “content”? Price is an awfully attractive selling argument.

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