Digital Future Symposium (DFS)

This event organized by the Center for Content Protection was hold with Asia TV at Singapore. Thus, the audience was rather large (140 people) and encompassed broadcasters, producers, and press.
The best presentations were:

  • Brad HUNT (former CTO of MPAA, and now consultant at Digital Media Directions) presented his four major trends in content protection
    • Use of fingerprinting to monetize content
    • Digital copy and managed copy for optical media
    • Domain based DRM
    • DECE with some emphasis on Marlin
  • Fabrice Moscheni (Fastcom) presented an impressive demonstration of DVB-CPCM. The demonstration raised a lot of interest.
  • Yangbin Wang (Vobile) explained how Vobile protected Olympic Games for CCTV

Conax, BayTSP, Verimatrix, Microsoft and Viaccess presented their products. Intertrust made a dull presentation of Marlin. I made two presentations:

  • A global approach of security explaining that using only fingerprint or watermark is insufficient, at least for tightly controlled distribution. The distinction between tightly controlled distribution and loosely controlled distribution was appreciated.
  • An introduction to DVB-CPCM before Fastcom’s demonstration.

Two main messages were conveyed during this symposium. Content Identification Techniques may allow monetization of content. Domain is the next paradigm in DRM.

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