Do people care about privacy? Blippy

Privacy is a hot topic. Many people fight to preserve our privacy. On the other side, many people build services that destroy this privacy. According to me, social networks are among the natural predators of privacy.

I went through a new site: Blippy. First, I thought it was a joke. But no, it is real. And some serious reviewers (such as techcrunch) appreciated it.

Blippy proposes to display every purchase you will do with one credit card. It provides the details of the transaction: when, where, how much and the details of the purchase. The objective is that people discuss with you about your purchases such as asking for evaluation, tips or giving advices.

Where is the problem? Social Engineering!! Tell me what you buy, and I will have a far better knowledge of who you are, a rough estimate of your incomes… If you purchase travel tickets, I will know when you will not be at home… Are people who subscribe to this site aware of this risk?

Of course, the site has a section about privacy. It is worth reading!

Would you enroll on such sites?

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