DSi Hacked?

It was not long. Yves was right. In november, I announced that Nintendo DSi was running with linkers/flash cards or whatever name. Yves prophetized that it would not take long.

Yesterday, AceKard announced that it cracked DSi and will soon release a new product Acekard 2i. Acekard posted a 7 minute video on YouTube to demonstrate that it works. And it seems to work. Two weeks ago, Acekard already posted a video with its first advances. Nevertheless, they announced “This is a lab work, it works ONLY in LAB. Even though we can go this far, it is almost impossible to make a commercial product.
There is a major problem that can’t be resolved, at least for now.” It seems they solved the problems.

DSi is alredy a commercial success for Nintendo. They already sold more than 500,000 consoles! Being the first, if proven that it works, will also be a commercial success for Acekard. NOw we will see would will the next ones. In any case, Acekard seems to have proven that it was feasible.

Once more, law 1 was true.

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