Facebook would like to listen to what you listen or watch

Last week, Facebook announced a new feature in their status update. If switched on, this feature will identify the songs or TV program that it will identify through the microphone of the mobile device.  It will propose to share this information with your community (and propose a 30 second free sample of the song or a synopsis of the TV program).

Screen Shot 05-26-14 at 05.13 PM

A new example of the use of audio fingerprinting.   By default, the feature is switched off.   Furthermore, the user decides when to share and with whom to share the information.  Thus, in theory, there is no associated privacy issues.   The user remains in control.

Facebook claims that it will not share it if you do not want.   Unfortunately, Facebook does not precise whether it will collect the information for its own profiling even if the user refuses to share it with friends.

As I’m paranoid and as there is no free lunch…     I don’t care as I do not have a Facebook account.  Will you use it?

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