Game and DRM

Grand Theft Auto IV will be protected by SecuRom. The fury starts again. It seems to be a shame that a game is protected by a DRM. 2008 will be the year where things changed:
– For many years, games were protected by anti copy systems. No body was seriously complaining. You found hacked versions of the games. Some ripping software (for instance Alcohol 120) were even providing tools to by pass the protections (physically, or in virtual drives).
– SecuRom, LaserLock, … were not called DRMs. They were called game protection systems.

And nobody complained! Gamers were happy. In my editorial of security newsletter #3, I was even highlighting this difference between game protection and DRM.

And suddenly, the world changes. Game protection becomes DRM (although using the same tricks and limitations). Game protections become unacceptable for users. The first fury was Spore. GTA IV will be the next one. Nevertheless, I am sure that GTA IV will be a blockbuster even with “DRM”.

What has changed? Media focus? Has somebody a good explanation to propose?

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