I publish, I think

Je publie, je réfléchis (I publish, I think) is the name of a French Internet site which aims at sensitizing people (mainly young audience) on the risks of publishing things on the Net. It is designed by the CNIL (French authority for IT and liberty)

It provides ten good recommendations before publishing, such as:

  • Ask yourself if you would do the same in “real” life
  • read the terms and conditions of social web sites. This is probably the less realistic one. It is a tough job. Did you do it yourself when for instance joining LinkedIn? I confess that I did not 
  • Don’t publish contents that may harm the reputation of somebody else
  • Use a pseudo that you communicate only to your close friends…

Interestingly, the site is linked to a serious game that describes a realistic scenario and gives some hints to avoid the problems. If you have youngsters, send them to this site.

Unfortunately, the site is only in French. Does somebody know an equivalent site in English?

Thanks to OH to have pointed me to the site. 

Updated on 3 Dec 14:  The site is not anymore online

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