Is French HADOPI law dead? (4)

Once more, European Parliament fights French HADOPI law. On 26 March 2009, the European Parliament has approved a report “Security and fundamental freedoms on the Internet”. 481 votes in favor, 25 against and 21 abstentions. The report has a large scope. Nevertheless, one of the voted recommendations may have direct impact on French graduated response.

Members of European Parliament are also concerned with the idea that “e-illiteracy will be the new illiteracy of the 21st Century.” The report argues that in this age, having access to the internet is “equivalent to ensuring that all citizens have access to schooling”, and that this access should not be denied by governments or private companies.

In other words, the European Parliament states that banning access to Internet should be illegal. The strongest penalty of the French graduated response is to ban for one year the access to Internet for infringers. French government already mitigated this banning announcing that they would probably allow some services such as mail.

If ever the EU decides that access ti Internet is a fundamental right of citizens, then French graduated response would be illegal. French government does not consider this access as a fundamental right.

Interestingly, the law is currently under examination of the French parliament. Some delegates already proposed to replace the Internet ban by a fine.

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