Is French HADOPI law dead?

One of the outcomes of French law, so called HADOPI, was to allow flexible response against P2P users. An organism nominated by the government could decide to stop for one month the Internet access of P2P recidivists. Before this last strike, the recidivist would have received two notifications.

Unfortunately for HADOPI, on 24th September, European Parliament has voted amendment 138. The odds were 574 against 73 deputies. Amendment 138 states that it is illegal to restrict free speech and access to information of any citizen without prior judiciary decision. This is not the case with HADOPI.

French government announced that it does not expect to drop the law and the flexible response. Nevertheless, European law supersedes national laws. Will there be some adjustment to HADOPI? Wait and see.

More information about fighting P2P piracy, HADOPI, flexible response in next security newsletter due end of October.

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