It is the turn of PS3

For years Sony’s Playstation resisted to hackers. One potential explanation was that when authorizing homebrew applications to execute on PS, Sony removed as attacker the complete homebrew community (which is a large chunk of the reverse engineering community). This is not anymore true.

Since 19 august, the PSjailbreak is available. This USB stick allows to execute duplicate of games. It is a kind of R4 but for PS3. It works for PS3 and PS3 slim. The price is rather high (at least in France around 130€ or $160). Every reports claim that it works.

Sony already claimed that through their network PSN they can detect the presence of the JailBreak and then retaliate. I did not yet find a post that confirmed a counterstrike by Sony on PSN. The current version of PS3Jailbreak does not propose any upgrade feature, thus it may be a weakness.

The funny part of the story is that pirates may soon be pirated. The reverse engineering of the PSJailBreak already started. The hack is based on a standard PIC microcontroller PIC18F. It seems that the code has already been successfully dumped. Some sites are already proposing clones such as PS3stinger, PS3key, X3JailBreak… Clearly, the distributor foresaw this because the site clearly warns about imitators and created a logo for authorized dealers.


Once more, our law #1 “attackers will always find their way” was verified. It took just longer than for the other game consoles. Now, let’s wait the reaction of Sony.

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