Les nouveaux pirates de l’entreprise

Bertrand Monnet and Philippe Véry published a book entitled “Les nouveaux pirates de l’entreprise: Mafias et terrorisme“, i.e. “The new pirates of the enterprise: Mafia and terrorism”.

They clearly highlight the new risks that a company may face in front of organized crime and terrorist organizations. Organized crime is like the enterprise, it looks to maximize its revenue. The difference is that it does not care about regulation and ethics. Thus, they are in competition with legitimate business (parasitism, extortion, counterfeiting, direct investment…) Terrorist organizations look for means to finance their activities. The enterprise and its collaborators are nice targets. Many conclusions are similar to the one issued by the RAND see “Film Piracy, Organized crime and Terrorism“.

The bibliography is frustrating because not very precise. Of course, in this field, there are not a lot of available public data.

The conclusion of the authors is that every body in the enterprise should be concerned by these risks. According to me, the most important recommendation is that the Chief Security Officer (CSO) should be both security aware and BUSINESS aware. To cope with this type of risks, many decisions may have deep business implications.

As you may have guessed, the book is in French. For French readers, a point of vocabulary  🙂
J’ai découvert que je confondais depuis des années sécurité et sûreté. La sûreté s’applique à la protection contre des actions malveillantes. Étais je le seul dans l’erreur ?

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