War Chalking

consists to draw with a chalk on the pavement, or the wall icons, indicating the presence of interesting hotspots. The icons give all the indications needed to be able to free ride on Internet.

War Driving

consists to detect wireless network and verify if it is possible to connect to it. Often it is combined with War Chalking.


is a phenomenon of cracker’s subculture. Warez collects illegal copies of any available software. If the software was copy protected, then the crackers break the scheme before offering the content. The objective of offering warez is not commercial. It is fame. The goal is to be the first group to release a cracked version of the software or to offer the largest collection. The targets of warez group is not only software but also movies. In this case, the fame goal is to be the first to provide the movie. The size of collected data is in the order of tens of terabytes.

Wassenaar Arrangement

is an international treaty signed by 33 nations. It aims at to contribute to regional and international security and stability, by promoting transparency and greater responsibility in transfers of conventional arms and dual-use goods and technologies. Each nation has to adapt its own legislation to support the arrangement. It replaces the previous COCOM treaty. The official site is at http://www.wassenaar.org/


is a special domain in steganography where robustness is very important and, therefore, capacity is reduced because the warden is more interested in removing the embedded media from the covert media with a reasonable distortion than guessing this hidden information.

Weak keys

are secret keys with certain value for which the block cipher generates regularities, or a poor level in encryption.

White hat

is the term describing hackers that act with good purposes, for instance detecting weaknesses.  It is sometimes also called ethical hackers.  It is opposed to black hats.


is a piece of malware particular to networked computer. It is a self replicating program that exists by its own. It attempts to infect other computers by navigating through the network. “ILOVEYOU” is an example of worm.

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