Light sentence for French pirates

In February 2006, the French blockbuster “Les Bronzés 3” was released on P2P in DVD quality at the same time than the theatrical release. The audience still reached 10 millions of entries.

Unfortunately, forensics allowed to trace back the leakage. It incriminated three employees of French broadcaster (and the producer of the movie) TF1.

They were sued in court together with three persons, using pseudos Darkpingoo, H2o and Vb2n who posted the movie on Freenet, by the producers and some actors. They asked several millions € in damages. The main argument was that the sales of DVDs did not reach the million. Usually, such blockbuster is expected to reach 2 millions of sold DVDs.

The judge showed clemency. The infringers will have to pay 27,000€ in damages and have been given a one-month suspended prison sentence.

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