Michael Moore, rights and P2P

Michael Moore, the brilliant provocative essayist, wanted to provide for free his latest documentary “Slacker Uprising.” Thus, he offered it on the Net at http://www.slackeruprising.com/. Unfortunately, the download does only work for US and Canadian citizens. Michael Moore does only hold rights for US Canada, but not for the rest of the world.

Without surprise, soon “Slacker Uprising” was available on P2P sites. Rumors claimed that the leakage was perhaps not unintentional. In a recent interview for TorrentFreak, he seems to confirm the rumors. In any case, Michael Moore is happy of these torrents.

This is not a surprise. If your objective is to denounce a problem (as claimed by Michael Moore), then your goal is to get the largest audience possible (and not to make the largest earning possible). Then P2P is a channel of distribution that you must not avoid. P2P offers both a large audience and a defense against censorship.

Would Emile Zola have made a video version of his famous “J’accuse” and distributed over YouTube and BitTorrent?

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