MPAA 1 – RealDVD 0

A judge has ordered RealNetwork to stop selling its new RealDVD software. Here is what is currently displayed when visiting the site of RealDVDrealdvdinjunction.jpg.

RealDVD is a 30$ software that allows to backup DVDs on your PC. You may state that DeCSS is doing the same for 0$. The main difference is that the copy on PC is copy protected. Furthermore, it is supposed to limit the copies to 4 registered computers (additional 20$ per computer). Thus, RealNetworks claims not to have broken CSS and not infringing DMCA. Studios do not have the same opinion.

A rather similar started four year ago with Kaleidescape. Kaleidescape produces a video server that stores content read from DVD. The video server can then playback the movie without the presence of the original DVD. DVD Copy Control Association claimed that it was a violation of its compliance rules. In 2007, a judge ruled in favor of Kaleidescape.

Thus, a new battle of Titans started. A bet for the winner?

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