Do you want to add a digital watermark to your personal pictures or audio records? The MyDRMspace site offers such a free service free (although in the terms of use, there is a possibility to charge).

Polish developers and entrepreneurs opened this site in 2009. Once registered, you can upload a photo or a piece of audio to the server. Then, you enter information related to the file and mydrmspace will add a watermark to it (signature in their vocabulary). Of course, you can upload a file to check if any watermark is present. If the watermark is present, then mydrmspace will point to the corresponding information.

The developers had the bright idea to offer the infrastructure as a platform for watermark designers. Any watermark designer can upload his/her embedders and detectors (so called coder and decoder on the site :Sad: ) Then the public may use this technology. In other words, when uploading to mark, you can choose the embedder (coder). I have no clue on which criteria, normal users would use one technology rather than another one. The most probable would be that normal user would choose either the first one presented or the most popular one. When checking a file, you have to select the right detector (decoder).

Unfortunately, they seem not to have tremendeous success. There is only one audio watermark technology available and two image watermark technologies (from the same author). The place holder for video watermark is empty.

I have not tested if the watermarks are robust.

Do you know any similar site that offers free watermarking service?

Thank you to TF for the pointer :Happy:

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