Nagra reinforces its secure coding capacities

Kudelski group announced that it acquired EDSI. Kudelski is better known in the world of security as NAGRAVISION. Nagra is one of the main Conditional Access provider. EDSI is a small French company, based at CESSON SEVIGNE.

Since 1990, EDSI specialized in the development of software for smart card dedicated to Pay TV or banking applications. EDSI acquired a strong expertise in security for these smart cards. It has also a certification laboratory assessing the robustness of smart card implementations.

Through this acquisition, NAGRA provides a strong positive message of a capacity to fight piracy. Another potential message is that smart card based Conditional Access Systems are not dead. A current trend, coming with IP delivery, was to promote card less solutions (Verimatix, Widevine, …). None of these card less solution has not yet had a large scale deployment as card based Conditional Access had. Thus their actual robustness against piracy has not been assessed. I will come back to the card less topic in one of my future post.

The corresponding press release is available at〈=e

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