New strategy for RIAA?

According to Ars Technica, it seems that RIAA has decided to strike back the current tactic to quash their subpoenas. Many students try to thwart the threat of RIAA’s pre-litigation letter by an escalating strategy of successive motion filings.

The tactic is simple: escalate the fees. RIAA proposes to settle the case for $3,000 after reception of the pre-litigation letter. This settlement fee jumps at $4,000 in case of going in front of the court. If the subpoena is challenged, then the fees rockets at $8,000.

Will this new tactic:
1- reduce the number of challenged subpoenas? Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) already challenges this new technique.
2- significantly reduce the amount of downloaded songs through P2P?

In addition to this US strategy, we see more and more legal offers of DRM-free downloads. This is probably the best strategy (If we believe that honest people stay honest.

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