This quarterly free newsletter presents the vision of security of the Technicolor security laboratories.  Each issue details latest hacks and exploits.  Papers explain basic concepts such as watermark or Digital Rights Management (DRM) and presents more recent advances in security.  Furthermore, a famous guest shares his views on security.

The newsletter is published by Technicolor.  It is written in English. To subscribe, send a mail at

Last issue

Issue 22, Security Newsletter 22 features the following papers:

  • Our guest: DAEMEN Joan (ST Microelectronics)
  • The news of past quarter
  • SHA-3 is born
  • Shaking SSL


Past issues

  • Issue 21 , Spring 2012
      Guest: MOLVA Refik (Eurecom), WPS: the new WEP?, Carrier IQ, and Protecting Computer Generated 3D
  • Issue 20, Fall 2011
      Guest: NACCACHE David (ENS), Diginotar Certification Authority: mission failed, Automatic iPhone Eavesdropping, and Watermarking 3D Movies
  • Issue 19, Summer 2011
      Guest: HANDSCHU Helena (IntrinsicID), Sony and the leaking key, Identifying phrases in encrypted VOIP, and New threats for STBs
  • Issue 18, Summer 2011
      Guest: QUISQUATER Jean Jacques (UCL), HDCP hack, Ban under XRay, and Sandboxing
  • Issue 17, Fall 2010
      Guest: TAKANEN Ari (Codenomicon),XSS Vulnerabilities in SharePoint Server 2007 and JIRA, a New Way for TCP Connection, and Hole196
  • Issue 16, Summer 2010
      Guest: CAREY Chris (Paramount), Vulnerable embedded devices, Attacking Open SSL, and Trusting the Platform
  • Issue 15, Spring 2010
      Guest: SCHNEIER Bruce (BT/CounterPane), The TLS Renegotiation Vulnerability, Free DNS Services, and Traitor Tracing
  • Issue 14, Fall 2009
      Guest: BUSCH Christoph (University of Darmstadt), Piirating the Wii, Flash cookies, and Digital media Forensics (part 2)
  • Issue 13, Spring 2009
      Guest: WILLIAMS Jim (MPAA), Attacks on social networks only expose naïve users, Latest attack on SSL, Digital media Forensics (part 1)
  • Issue 12, Security Newsletter Winter 2009
    • Latest attack on WPA, Attack on Intel TXT, Attack on BGP, Forging SSL certificates
  • Issue 11,  Fall 08
    • Lessons from BlackHat and Defcon, Unclonable chips, Fighting piracy
  • Issue 10, Summer 08
    • Guest: KALKER T., Are you sure it is gone?, Captcha, Freenet
  • Issue 9, Spring 08
    • Guest: Joux A., WEPcracked in 6 minutes, Nostradamus predicts the next US president, Security of MPLS and Attacking hard disc encryption (freeze memory hack)
  • Issue 8, Winter 08
    • Understanding Sybil attacks, Forensic authentication of audio recordings, P2P: new threats for TV business?
  • Issue 7, Fall 07
    • Guest: Wolthusen S., Interoperability of DRMs, Virtualization and security, SPDC and forensic marking
  • Issue 6, Summer 2007
    • Guest: Cox I., Basing cryptography on tamper resistance, WGA’s long history of failure, Selective encryption of images and sound: new trend
  • Issue 5, Spring 2007
    • Guest: Koç C., AACS under fire, fingerprinting camcorders, side-channel attacks against OpenSSL
  • Issue 4, Winter2006
    • Guest : Stern J., DRM war: news from the front line, fingerprint and filtering, anti-piracy in theaters
  • Issue 3, Fall 2006
  • Issue 2,Summer 2006
  • Issue 1, Spring 2006

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