Oracle wants secure coding aware students

In her blog, Mary Ann Davidson, CSO at Oracle, is highlighting a weakness in the supply chain of software. She castigates US universities for not training software students in secure coding. She is awfully right, and it is not limited to US universities. Secure coding should be part of the normal programme of software development like methodologies, algorithmic and languages. Very few students have this secure coding background when joining the industry. Unfortunately, security becomes pervasive.

If students would have secure code lectures, this would not mean that they would become good at secure coding. It requires a given mindset (hacker minded?). Nevertheless, we could expect some benefits:

  • Some elements of secure coding in their day to day work
  • Avoid some basic errors in their production
  • And most important, they would be security aware. They would ask knowledgeable people to put the right solution in place. They would avoid writing software with highways for hackers. They would be more robust against social engineering.

One of the challenges for teaching secure coding is that secure coding is not as advanced in formalization then other elements of software programming. Secure coding is very much based on heuristics and some pinches of black art. Academic communities should invest more in this field. More conferences should treat this topic. Furthermore, practitioners should teach in universities. Only real practical knowledge can generate secure code. Industry should help universities in this challenge.

She proposes also to have students hack each other solutions. This would be a revolution, but a good practice. It creates the right mindset. Hackers are used to that at conferences such as DefCon, Black Hat or Chaos Computer Camp. Even some governments experiment such challenges (See Défi Sécurité Système d’Exploitation Cloisonné et Sécurisé pour l’Internaute ). Should we not have such hacking challenges between universities?

I would like just to cite a dreadful statement, unfortunately true.
We simply – and collectively – must evolve to defensive mindsets delivering defensible code lest none of us survive in a hostile world.

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