Pira(r)te or Art?

Appreciation of contemporary modern art is always personal and controversial.  Virtual online gallery ART 404 exposes a “piece of art” . whose name is “5 million  dollars 1 Terabyte”.  The opus displays an external, black, shine, one-terabyte hard drive that is claimed to store for 5 million dollars worth of illegaly downloaded pieces of content and software.  The five most costly categories are 133GB of fiction books from 2003 to 2011 ($3,000, 000), 76GB of science text book ($500,000), 26GB of fiction library ($400,000),  39GB of Osprey books ($180,000) and 130GB of PC games from 1979 to 2001 ($150,000).  There are no video and the 124GB of musics are only evaluated $46,000.

We knew that piracy was a black art, but here are we really in the field of Art?  I’d like to hear your opinion.

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