Positive mood

This week end, my family purchased a DVD. When viewing it, what a surprise!! The usual scaring/threatening video sequence which explains that downloading movies fromP2P is bad was absent. It was replaced by a new message telling something like “By purchasing this DVD, you are supporting the jobs for the UK movie industry”. And at the end of the video sequence, a huge/heavy “THANK YOU” falls noisily onto the screen. Very Monty Python like (It is probably because it was a UK movie  :Happy:  )

This change is interesting. One of the rules I learnt in Communications was to always favor the positive formrather than the negative one. A positive message goes better through. You should use the negative form if you want to create fear (Lovecraft was very good at that. Sorry I’m digressing).

Will it have an impact on piracy? Probably not. Nevertheless, it may help to restore a little bit the reputation of content owners. This is also part of the battle.

I don’t know if this will be generalized on everyDVD. I think it would be a good idea.

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