Mar 02 2011

Predictably Irrational

“Predictably Irrational” from Dan Ariely is not a book about security (neither Sci-Fi). Thus, why do I report about it?

“Predictably Irrational” highlights that many of our reactions are not rational. Every body knows that it is true in extreme conditions. Dan Ariely demonstrates that it is also true in our daily reactions. To prove it, he describes some of the many experiments that he run.

Law 6: You’re the weakest link reminds us that human behaviour is key for security. This book helps to better understand human behaviour. For instance, a full chapter is about honesty. Great to read. This book is a tool to better understand some tricks used by social engineer.

This is related to the latest Bruce Schneier’s pet’s subject societal security.

A book to read.

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