Privacy, security and Internet

The French engineering school Epitech published a survey on this topic. They polled 1032 persons.

Sorry, the report is in French. Nevertheless, the most interesting out comes:

  • Among the people who use Internet at work for personal use, 47% believe that it may cripple the security of their company 🙁 And they do it nevertheless!!!
  • 61% feel safe on Internet
  • 96% are aware that they leave many traces on Internet. This is a very positive point. I was not expecting such level of awareness 🙂
  • This information leakage worries 52% only.
  • Only 8% would trust the government to guarantee their security on Internet.
  • 94% believe that it is possible to spy exchanges on Internet
  • Furthermore, 44% believe that spying can be done by anybody.
  • 62% would not give away privacy for more security. Nevertheless, 23% would! 🙁
  • 80% believe that ITC may lead to establishing files on every body. Big Brother

I was more pessimistic. People seem more aware of privacy and security issues on Internet then I thought. Unfortunately, we do not see the job categories of the polled people.

Would the data in other countries be similar?

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