PST 2012

Usually, I do not make advertisement for conference and call for papers.  But for Privacy Security & Trust 2012 (PST 2012), I will make an exception.  If you go on the site, you will understand easily why  :Wink:

The preferred topics are:

  • Privacy Preserving / Enhancing Technologies
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
    Network and Wireless Security
    Operating Systems Security
    Intrusion Detection Technologies
    Secure Software Development and Architecture
    PST Challenges in e-Services, e.g. e-Health, e-Government, e-Commerce
    Network Enabled Operations
    Digital forensics
    Information Filtering, Data Mining and Knowledge from Data
    National Security and Public Safety
    Security Metrics
    Recommendation, Reputation and Delivery Technologies
    Continuous Authentication
    Trust Technologies, Technologies for Building Trust in e-Business Strategy
    Observations of PST in Practice, Society, Policy and Legislation
    Digital Rights Management
    Identity and Trust management
    PST and Cloud Computing
    Human Computer Interaction and PST
    Implications of, and Technologies for, Lawful Surveillance
    Biometrics, National ID Cards, Identity Theft
    PST and Web Services / SOA
    Privacy, Traceability, and Anonymity
    Trust and Reputation in Self-Organizing Environments
    Anonymity and Privacy vs. Accountability
    Access Control and Capability Delegation
    Representations and Formalizations of Trust in Electronic and Physical Social Systems

The submission deadline is 18 March 2012.

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