Ransoming virus (2)

The story continues.

Dving a little bit more in the available information. Gpcode is actually using RSA 1024. Kapersky labs have extracted the public keys. The virus uses two public keys depending on the version of the Operating System. The virus calls Microsoft cryptographic library.

Having the public key is useless. Kapersky labs is calling for the help of crypto community to help to crack the private key. In other words, they launch their own RSA-1024 challenge (See RSA number challenges that apply only to factorization). This is illusory. It would require too much power calculation (else it would have been decided that RSA 1024 is not anymore safe). And there are two keys to crack!!!

The only effective countermeasure against Gpcode is backup your data.

Thanks Alain for the link to the blog  :Wink:

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