RFID to stop theft

SimplyRFID provides a system NOX to detect theft that is not simple at all. It is the combination of three techniques:

  • RFID tags are glued on items to be protected. The RFID tag provides the identity of the item, and through readers its location.
  • Optically charged dust is spread on restricted area, for instance in secure vaults.
  • Video surveillance has two roles. First it monitors the people. Second it detects presence of dust that is illuminated by a laser. The dust glows. It is thus possible to detect intrusion in sensitive area. Automatic software may detect the glowing dust and trigger an alarm.

The interesting part is that the RFID readers are hidden to the users. They are not aware of their existence. This is perhaps the “smarter” part of the concept.

How does it work? When a RFID tag passes near a hidden detector, it is triggered. It is then easy to discover the potential thief using the video surveillance. Of course, if the thief is aware of the location (or even of the presence) of hidden RFID tags, then he will be more cautious. The system targets insiders. Thus, the thief has time; He will first shield the tag. Then, he will pass through the detectors without triggering them. We assume that he hides the stolen device from the spying cameras. It is even better if there are several days between the shielding and the actual theft. It will require many hours to visually monitor the video tapes and if several people meanwhile handled the item, it is even better.

Interestingly, these hidden readers are violating privacy because employees are not informed of their presence.

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