Rights Locker

CES period is always interesting time because many initiatives are disclosed or present their progress. In the field of DRM, two interesting news:

Disney starts to unveil more about its KeyChest technology. CNBC presented the following spot.

At the same time, DECE made a press release presenting their latest milestones. In a nutshell, DECE has:

  • defined a common file format In the FAQ, it seems that it is compliant with Microsoft’s PIFF,
  • selected a company that will host the rights locker,
  • and announced that five DRMs will support it (Adobe, Marlin, Microsoft PlayReady, OMA and Widevine

Both KeyChest and DECE use the new concept of rights locker. In very simplistic terms, a rights locker is a database that stores the usage rights that a customer purchased. This database should be shared by content distributors. The promise is that if you purchase one piece of content, it may be played back (if you paid as such) on any of your devices (or at least on the devices compliant with this rights locker) independently of the DRM used by the device. In other words, the usage rights will be linked to a customer rather than to his/her devices.

This is a great progress in electronic content distribution. One of the strongest complains of customers is the lack of interoperability of DRMs. This is an answer.

Without doubt, this blog will come back on the topics of rights locker in the future.

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