Security and its unforeseen consequences

First of all, view first this comic.
It is extremely true. How many times did we end up with such things? We may even apply it to AACS. In the right box, put we will let poor developers implement it.

Nevertheless, I would like to highlight another issue with security. Sometimes security as collateral damages. Modern high price cars have sophisticated anti theft system. It may have reduced the number of car theft. Nevertheless, it has also created a new type of crimes: carjacking. The best way to steal this type of car is to wait for his owner to arrive in front of his/her garage or entry door. While he/she waits, violently eject him/her and drive away with the car. These sophisticated anti-theft system have replaced non violent theft by a violent theft. Many car owners have been injured.

Lessons: security may have collateral effects. They need to be analyzed. One more trade-offs to play with.

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