SF: L’accroissement mathématique du plaisir

Unfortunately for English readers, this book is only available in French. The author, Catherine Dufour, is a young promising French writer.
It is a long time since I was not such delightfully surprised by a French SF author. This book is a collection of twenty short stories. She is brilliant, provocative and politically incorrect. She reminds me Philip K. Dick with a little of Pierre Pelot (French writer of the 80’s) and Edgar Allan Poe.

In “L’accroissement mathématique du désir” (The mathematical growth of desire) my preferred short stories are “Je ne suis pas une légende” (I’m not a Legend) which is obviously a tribute to Matheson, “L’mmaculée Conception”, “Confession d’un mort” (Confession of a Dead) and the hilarious “Une Troll d’histoire” another tribute to a series of French comics.

Thus, if ever you find her books in a library, run and read.

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