SF: L’agent des ombres (2)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

During this holidays, I decided to give a second chance to this saga. The second book is less basic. The hero takes some more roughness. He looks more and more like Elric The Menilbonean. He starts to have some pleasure in killing. He becomes less Manichean.

Funnily, I found in the following books references to another author: Roger Zelazny. One of the 6 free towns has the name of Amber. And even more explicitly, the hero announces that he has a passion for Zelaznian literature. So do I.

Zelazny is of of my favorite SciFi authors. The Amber chronicles are great. I am always surprised that Hollywood did not adapt this saga to screens. My second favorite author is Ursula K Le Guin (Earth Sea cycle, The dispossessed, The left hand of darkness…)

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