SF: Neuromancer

Back to the past, sometimes it is nice to read again “oldies but goldies”. I read back Gibson’s Neuromancer (En français, Neuromancien). This book is considered as the genesis of the cyberpunk culture. There are all the components cyber space, drugs, and hackers.
The book was written in 1984. When reading the book, you have to remember how the computer world was in 1984. At that time, I was toying with Sinclair’s ZX81 and HP100. Only two years later did I get my first Apple II. Microsoft had not yet generated Windows 3, the first PC was yet available… Gibson already puts in place all the components of the future cyberspace. At that time, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was a promising field.

I first read it around 1988 in French. I was not yet aware that I will later work in computer security. But I already loved the book. When I have read back the book, I discovered that Gibson called microsoft the electronics implants that contains information. Microsoft company was not yet here! Thus, this name was not a tribute to Gates. I don’t remember what is the French term. Can a French reader tell me the answer?

I think that Neuromancer, together with Stephenson’s Snow Crash, are the roots of the matrix trilogy and of our cyber culture.

A must read for all SF fans.

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