SF: Rainbow Ends

It is interesting to see how contemporary Sci-Fi authors embrace the new technologies.   Vernor Vinge in his “Rainbow Ends” demonstrates his deep knowledge of current IT technologies.  In a not too far future, his heroes are immerged in a world with three technical characteristics:

  • Wearables; computers are part of the day to day clothing.  Funnily, the French translation uses the sad term “vetinf”.
  • Augmented reality; Every body wears eye lenses.  Not only do they give additional information but they can also disguise the world with the fantasy desired by the viewer
  • Ubiquitous network

Therefore, from the technical point of view, the book is interesting.  What about the story itself.  It is mixture of Fahrenheit 411, Snow Crash and a jump to the future.  Unfortunately, there are some inconsistencies with characters, as some young kids are too “efficient” ‘(at least, according to me).  Thus a good book, but not a major opus.

PS: I do not share his vision and definition of DRM Smile

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