SF: The Disc World

The world is a disc carried by four elephants that stand on top of a huge turtle. Magic replaces technology. Humans interact with dwarfs, trolls, werewolves, vampires, and even a librarian orang-utang… For 25 years, Terry Pratchett has wrote a series of hilarious mad books.

If you spent (or even still spend) nights playing advanced Dungeon & Dragons, if you are hooked on “The Lord of Rings”, and also on Douglas Adams’s silly humour, then the Disc World is for you.

How did I discover Terry Pratchett? Through a collaborative project! Many years ago, we tried to set up a project with Philips about an European equivalent of TCG. The project leader decided that the project’s name would be: Ankh Morpok. Ankh Morpok is the main city of the Disc World. It was the first time, I heard about Terry Pratchett. The project was not accepted. Some years later, I found one of the title in my local library. It was an error, I got addicted.

My favorite characters:

  • Lord Vetinari, the patrician; The members of my team who claim that they could have guessed it
  • Death would always speaks in CAPITAL

I would recommend to French readers to read the books in English. I find it far funnier, although at the start you will have to get used to slang writing. But after a while, you get used to.

Be aware: Highly addictive books I warned you.

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