SF: The nine princes of Amber

Last week, I run out of new books to read. Thus, I went down in my cellar and explored the box containing many books I purchased while student. Among the first ones I found, was Zelazny’s “The nine princes of Amber”.

Why not reading it again? Good surprise, I had as much pleasure to read the book than 20 years ago! I finished it quickly, and no other choices that dive in the box to find the four other volumes of the saga.

Zelazny is one of my favorite authors. He mastered many mythologies. If you have never read Zelazny’s saga of Amber, run quickly to your library and start. If you read it long time ago, I recommend you to re-read them.

In the past, I started with the two first volumes of the sequel of the saga relating the history of Merlin who is the son of Corwin (the heroe of the first saga). I did not read the complete saga. Did somebody read it? Did you appreciate it?

I am always surprised that nobody in Hollywood tried to adapt this saga to the screen. I am sure that it could be a blockbuster.

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