SF: Unseen Academicals

You may know my “addiction” to Pratchett’s disc world.  Thus, you may be not be surprised by this post.

Unseen academicals is the latest opus (June 2010).  Once more, it is a great book.  As usually, we find the usual members of Ankh Morpok.  In this book, the focus is on the UU (Unseen University).  You will discover that Ponder Gibbons is taking an increasing position within the University.

Terry Pratchett adds new interesting characters (and even a species that was missing (or lost)).  I am sure that we will see them again in next books.

You know my passion for  Lord Vetinari.  In this book, you will discover that he may even sometimes have some human feelings :Wink:

Read it!!  If don’t think that the book is available in French.

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