Some updates concerning older topics

In September, I reported that the French TV recording service wizzgo was not allowed to record M6 and W9. Last week, the court banished TF1 and NT1 (a subsidiary of TF1) from the service. Meanwhile, all the channels of France Television group were also banned. Only a few channels remain available through this service.

More and more Free To Air broadcasters propose a system of catchup TV. And of course, they expect to secure their advertising revenues. This type of service would cannibalize these revenues. Wizzgo wil have to find another business model.

In September, I also reported the massive campaign against DRM for the game Spore. The creators of the game “World of Goo” have reported that they estimate that the PC version of their game has been pirated at 90% (more accurately 82%). On their blog, they explain their measurement methods. They record the IP addresses of the highest scores reported to their server. World of Goo is not protected by DRM.

The conclusions of the creators is that DRM is worthless, because another game that was protected by DRM had the same piracy level. :Sad: His conclusion is also that for 1000 deterred pirated instances, you gain one purchased version. I am not sure that this ratio would be valid for a blockbuster. If you sadly want the game, and have no alternate solution than purchase it, would you miss the game?

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