Tax and recordable Blu Ray

The French commission Albis defines the tax for each recordable media. This tax is supposed to compensate the private use. The tax is transferred to content owners.

The commission has announced the expected tax for recordable BluRay disc. It will be 12.40€ (about $15) for 100GB, 6.20€ for 50GB and 3.10€ for 25GB. This value has been extrapolated from taxes on other media such DVD RW.

This high levy may slow down the adoption of recordable BluRay in the French market. The most probable scenario is that many French customers will order it on Internet in other countries (without the tax).

Ideally, an economic analysis should drive the value of the tax. If the tax is too high, then other sources will become more interesting and the content owners will loose money. If the tax is at a price acceptable for customers, then they will use French suppliers and content owners will earn money.

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