Ten ways hackers breach security

I have decided to launch a new category: “the ten …” In this category, I will put the classifications and lists that we find around the net about security, such as the top 10 vulnerabilities in software.

Of course, the first one of the category is the Technicolor Ten Security Laws of my team.

I found this Ten ways hackers breach security as a white paper from global knowledge. The paper is clearly not revolutionary. Nevertheless, it is another ten laws…

Here are the ten ways:

  • 1- Stealing Passwords
  • 2- Trojan Horses
  • 3- Exploiting Defaults (a cruel one but awfully true. How many people do change the default password of their admin in the gateway?)
  • 4- Man In The Middle Attacks (more sophisticated, but at the heart of some recent wireless attacks)
  • 5- Wireless Attacks
  • 6- Doing their homework; what was meant here was to collect information about the target. This of course is one of the first stages for social engineering.
  • 7- Monitor Vulnerability Research (!!!)
  • 8- Being patient and Persistent
  • 9- Confidence Games; this is where they present social engineering
  • 10- Already Being on the Inside; the usual insider

Nice introduction paper, but not interesting if you’re already security aware.

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